Zest Plastic Frame Advantages
1. Half the cost of a wood frame (with wax foundation) of the same comb area.
2. A virtually forever frame.
3. No foundation needed. The bees act naturally to make their own comb. The cells tend to be smaller .It has to be a reason for naturally
living bees to form mostly smaller cells in the brood nest, and also
with a variation of cellsizes. Natural
selection favors fitness..ERIK Ă–STERLUND

4. No assembly or winter maintenance needed.
5. Just unpack and drop into the hive.
6. Always hangs perfectly vertical.
7. Spacer tabs incorporated at top and bottom.
8. Released easily and lifted from the hive.
9. Comb cut out, hung, honey run out and frame replaced. No extractor needed.
10. Comb is constantly replaced
11. Easily sterilised by boiling water (up to 140C ) and/or with bleach or soda .

Zest Hive - Key Features

- DIY Build 
- Thermo-Regulation
- A warmer, dryer hive environment reduces the thermo-regulation duties, allowing the temperature to rise to the ideal. This speeds the biological process of pupating ,and helps regulate humidity.
 - Top entrance (controls airflow)
 - Condensation ( controlled by the bees )
 - Ventilation ( reduced )
 - Humidity Level ( Comfort / Discomfort )
 - Dew Point ( internal -v- external temp )
- Less Swarming 
  - Swarms occur due to lack of space , The Zest Hive has variable space controlled by the beekeeper , more importantly the bees are able to more effectively , and efficiently  manage space 
- Functionally Varroa Free
-  The understanding of how  Temperature, Relative Humidity , and Dew Point impacts Bees and Varroa Life cycle needs further research
- Less Intervention
- Better Temper
- Ease of Manipulation
- Half the Cost of Wood Hive
- Less Winter Feeding
- Improved Bee Health

- Still not convinced , there is much more to know :-however the Useful links below provide some of the best information available to support the actual experiences of Zest users .

- Constuctive Beekeeping written in 1918 by Ed Clark.
- Zachary Huang describes the Varroa Lifecyle - Controlling  Varroa Reproduction via Fecundity and Fertilty will win the battle with varroa.
- Varroa mite reproduction and Humidity by B. Kraus, H.H.W. Velthuis 

Useful Links