Healthy , Happy , Bees 

the Zest Hive

the Zest Hive

Healthy , Happy , Bees 

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Bill Summers with a Zest frame made of bamboo - it began here

Beekeeping with Zest

Available via NORTHERN BEE BOOKS .

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Zest Plastic Frame

Patent GB2493296 


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Zest Plastic Frame + Spacers

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The Zest plastic Excluder and partition board

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Zest Plastic Frames,Excluders, and partitions in a "Full" Zest.

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A populated Zest frame 

Zest Hive in Garden

Zest Honey Warmer with Digital Thermostat

Zest Plastic Frames box of 12 £30.00 per box

Zest Plastic (4 Piece) Bearer Frames £30.00 each

Zest Queen Excluder Box of 4 Excluders including

partition adapters for 2 Excluders. £30.00

The Zest Standard Starter Kit       Order Now

Special 2017 Offer = 24 Frames + Top Bearer Frame + 4 queen Excluders ( 2 of which include partition boards) + 2 DPC Vermin guards + 2 Pieces Insulation + Ropes with hose pipe protectors + 24 frame spacers for Honey store £175.00 inc p+p

Zest Starter Kit
Number of Boxes

Zest Excluders = 1 box includes 4 x Excluders (2 with Partition boards)

Zest Excluders


The ZEST plastic beehive frames can be deployed in a horizontal ZEST hive , with a Zest Top Bearer Frame , or in a double B.S. National brood chamber. It may be with or without a Durrant/ZEST insulated block encasement and top bee entry




Copyright William f Summers & David A J Durrant

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Zest Hive - Key Features

- DIY Build 
- Thermo-Regulation
- A warmer, dryer hive environment reduces the thermo-regulation duties, allowing the temperature to rise to the ideal. This speeds the biological process of pupating ,and helps regulate humidity.
 - Top entrance (controls airflow)
 - Condensation ( controlled by the bees )
 - Ventilation ( reduced )
 - Humidity Level ( Comfort / Discomfort )
 - Dew Point ( internal -v- external temp )
- Less Swarming 
  - Swarms occur due to lack of space , The Zest Hive has variable space controlled by the beekeeper , more importantly the bees are able to more effectively , and efficiently  manage space 
- Functionally Varroa Free
-  The understanding of how  Temperature, Relative Humidity , and Dew Point impacts Bees and Varroa Life cycle needs further research
- Less Intervention
- Better Temper
- Ease of Manipulation
- Half the Cost of Wood Hive
- Less Winter Feeding
- Improved Bee Health

- Still not convinced , there is much more to know :-however the Useful links below provide some of the best information available to support the actual experiences of Zest users .

- Constuctive Beekeeping written in 1918 by Ed Clark.
- Zachary Huang describes the Varroa Lifecyle - Controlling  Varroa Reproduction via Fecundity and Fertilty will win the battle with varroa.
- Varroa mite reproduction and Humidity by B. Kraus, H.H.W. Velthuis
- Biology and Control of Varroa by Peter RosenkranzaPia AumeierbBettina Ziegelmann 

Useful Links


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